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It has a long history with the application of aromatic essential oils in physical therapy. The essence of the oils has natural effects in bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, astringent, antipruritic, wind-dispelling and deodorant. Therefore, people not only use aromatic essential oils to create a cozy and pleasant space environment, but also know how to use the pharmacological activity of essential oils to take care of their bodies, so as to relieve mental pressure and muscle tension, ease the pain, and improve skin texture. For example, tea tree oil has excellent performances in antivirus, sterilization and anti-inflammation, and can be used in skin cleansing. And more, eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil have effect in relieving respiratory symptoms when combined to use.

Oral hygiene care products include toothpaste, mouthwash, chewing gum, oral sprays and other derivative products. The main function is to clean teeth, purify the oral cavity, and remove tartar and bacterial plaque. With the development of technology and the improvement of people’s life, the products are further applied in beating bad breath and assisting treatment of common oral diseases. Presently, the raw materials commonly used in oral care include mint, cloves, cinnamon, thymol, wintergreen, etc., With the further segmentation of the products, many other frangrance raw materials can be applied to the products too, as they do in daily household products.


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