CAS No.: 90-05-1 Molecular Formula: C7H8O2
Assay: 99% Packing: 200 kg/barrel



CAS No.: 90-05-1
Synonym: O-methoxy-phenol, 2-methoxy-phenol, O-hydroxyanisole
Chemical Formula: C7H8O2
Density: 1.112 g/cm3 liquid; 1.129 g/cm3, crystals
Melting point: 26–29 °C (79–84 °F; 299–302 K)
Boiling point: 204–206 °C (399–403 °F; 477–479 K)
Refractive index: nD25 1.5429
Solubility: slightly soluble in water and benzene, easily soluble in glycerol, miscible with ethanol, ether, chloroform, oil and glacial acetic acid. Water solubility is 17g/L at 15°C.

1. It is produced by a variety of plants.It is also found in essential oils from celery seeds, tobacco leaves, orange leaves, and lemon peels.
2. The pure substance is colorless, but samples become yellow upon exposure to air and light.
3. The compound is present in wood smoke, resulting from the pyrolysis of lignin. The compound contributes to the flavor of many substances such as whiskey and roasted coffee.
4. Guaifenesin is mainly used as an organic synthetic preparation for pharmaceuticals, pesticides, flavors and other industries, as well as in cosmetics and chemical reagents.

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(1) For pesticides: It can be used to synthesize plant growth regulators such as 5-nitroguaiacol sodium.
(2) For pharmaceuticals: It is used to synthesize various anti-inflammatory and antibacterial drugs, such as guaiacol sulfate potassium (calcium), ibuprofen guaiacol ester, and guaiacol glycerol ether.
(4) For the flavor industry: It can be used directly as a flavor material and also used to manufacture vanillin and artificial musk.
(5) In cosmetics industry, it is used as an antioxidant. It is a phenolic antioxidant with strong antioxidant activity. However, the general addition amount should not be too large, and usually needs to be used in combination with synergists, metal ion chelating agents, etc.
(6) In chemical production, it is also used as other organic synthetic intermediates, as well as a plasticizer, printing oil as an antioxidant, analysis reagent, etc.


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